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New and remanufactured parts for Datsun roadsters

Our shipping schedule is 5 days per week. CLOSED for manufacturing, shipping of international orders & warehouse stocking Monday & Friday. Any modified or holiday hours will appear under the main photo on the home page. See note concerning hours in: Ordering/Returns/Contacts

A message from Dean

As you may know, the availability of parts or shall I say the irregular, spotty availability of parts has become the new norm at Nissan.

It has forced us to carry more inventory than ever before to help cover the dry periods at Nissan. We have made extra efforts to source factory parts from overseas and warehouses to keep our inventory base as full and complete as possible. We do this to keep the cars on the road.

The drawback in having a huge inventory base is the expense of maintaining it. We keep our inventory base tight carrying only a certain amount of stock of each part to keep costs down. When we are asked by our customers to take back hundreds of dollars of parts for refund, it makes it difficult to keep offering the low prices and high quality that you are accustomed to.

We would love to run this business like Macy's or Target, but the roadster business is small and it is our sincere wish to continue to have the funds to develop new parts as we do and to keep the inventory on hand to serve you.

Please allow us to take care of you and your car by:

Thanks for your understanding,


Our Business is Your Business

In this day and age there are many places to purchase parts. Large auto parts stores on boulevards offer parts at wholesale prices. Mom and pop stores offer the same parts at higher prices, but benefit by having the know how and technical information to help install the parts you've purchased.

Here at DatsunParts.COM we have succeeded in combining the best of both worlds. Discount prices and attentive service.

Every part we sell we have installed on roadsters including our after market parts we developed. Here's how you save…Diagnosis is the most critical element in deciding what parts you need to do the job. If you call us to purchase an R-motor cylinder head we will ask you why you think you need one. Perhaps all you need is some careful welding or the chambers "laid back." I've had people call me looking for a head just because it's been cut .040 and someone has told them it's no longer good. Most shops would say "fine, the cylinder head is this much and we'll send it out today." To us it's less important to make the sale as it is to be fair, honest and thorough in helping our customers solve their problems.

If you're installing new nozzles and needles that you purchased through us for your 1600 or 2000 and you're having trouble centering the nozzle sleeves we can take you through this procedure step by step. Just call us. If we're not in, we'll call you back and coach you "carb in hand." Every part we sell potentially has some tip that goes along with it. We humbly submit that we don't know everything. Since 1988 we've heard, seen, personally experienced and assimilated a great deal of knowledge that we would like to share with you. Please let us do so. When you purchase parts from us you're plugged into a source of information, technical assistance and diagnosis that can save you time and a lot of money. We'll never sell you anything you don't need.

Remember, we're here for you!



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