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Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1062
Datsun Roadster 2000 Solex/Mikuni 4 Barrel Air Cleaner Assembly AFTERMARKET USA (R/R/R)

High Flow Solex and Mikuni Carburetor air filter assembly

Assembly comes with re-usable cost saving filter. Finally an air filter assembly that allows your twin 4 barrel Solex and Mikuni's to breath. Far superior in performance when compared to the original Nissan air filter or K&N counterparts. Flows 6 times the air of a stock filter. This air filter assembly is designed to fit into your engine compartment neatly, no grinding or cutting although the fit is close. We figured it out so you won't have to! Special width air filter allows the use of short style velocity stacks to help straighten the air flow before entering the carburetor and you know what that means... better throttle response! Velocity stacks can be purchased separately. Price is for Air cleaner, drilled back plate, gaskets and 3 retaining clips. Note: There is no provision in the back plate for PCV hose mounting. There are after market PCV filters that can be attached to your valve cover breather outlet. Venting directly into the air filter can damage the assembly. Click here to view SU 2000 version of this assembly.


Carburator Mikuni Solex
Gasket Carburator
Partnumber: 1180
Gasket Kit for Mikuni / Solex 44 MM Carburator DATSUN A-11 - PAIR OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

Mikuni/Solex Late style carburetor A-11 Datsun gasket rebuild kit.

Sealed and pristine un-opened bubble pack(SEE PHOTO) These are not the generic kits you will see on the net for Mikuni 44's. These kits have the correct top gasket for the Datsun version no longer in production by Mikuni.
$64.00 PR

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1181
Mikuni 44PHH A-11 Carburetor Gasket Kit - 1 KIT OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

Includes enough gaskets to rebuild 1 A-11 Datsun Mikuni carburetor that were made specifically for Datsun by Mikuni. Buy 3 to re-build you Z car triple carb set up.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Restoration Products
Gasket Carburator
Partnumber: 1278
Datsun Mikuni/Solex 44MM Air Filter Gaskets AFTERMARKET USA (G/L/F)

Solex/Mikuni carb to air filter gasket

Better than the factory cork equivalent and a lot cheaper to boot!

$20.00 PR

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1326
Datsun Solex/Mikuni 44 Insulator (Set of 4) NISSAN(R/L/F)

Solex Insulator (set of 4)

Be sure to check yours for cracks causing unwanted vacuum leaks. Stud spacing offset for Solex. Stud spacing: 2 3/16 on one side & 3 1/4 the other side. Thickness 11/16.
Ask for gaskets when ordering or check this section for insulator and gasket kit. See gasket at part#1706 Click here to view these gaskets. New bar coded factory stock on hand. No old inventory.

For individual pieces click here,to view this part number.

Are your insulators cracking and causing a leak? Because of the length of the Solex manifold and the out board weight of the carburetors, the insulators have a tendency to crack under the load. One of the solutions is to fashion a "T" bracket to support the carburetors to keep the insulators from over flexing causing failure. The top portion of the "T" can be bolted to the accelerator cable stand on the water tube by using longer bolts.NOTE: The "T" bracket is not included with the insulators.It is for reference only.


Restoration Products
Carburator Mikuni Solex
Gasket Engine
Gasket Carburator
Cylinder Head U20
Partnumber: 1671
Datsun Roadster U20 Mikuni / Solex Intake Water Tube Gasket AFTERMARKET USA (R/L/F)

Solex Intake manifold water tube. 2 required per car.
$6.50 EA

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Gasket Carburator
Partnumber: 1706
Datsun Roadster Mikuni / Solex Insulator Block Gasket Set of 8 NISSAN (R/L/F)

2000 Solex Intake manifold insulator block gaskets. A little larger than 1/16 inches. Thickness measures out to .071. See part#1326 Click here, for insulators.
Made by a company that manufacturers high grade/quality fuel and related gaskets for Aviation applications meeting higher levels of aviation excellence over regular automotive requirements. From time to time color of the gasket may be different Nissan Blue. Although different it is of the same quality and material.
$86.00 (8)

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Cylinder Head U20
Engine external
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 1751
Datsun Roadster Solex Pcv Hose AFTER MARKET USA (R/L/F)

67 1/2 - 70 Solex carburetor positive crankcase ventilation hose. These are being supplied now as outer rubber with inner cloth sandwiched and impregnated in between the rubber in the same manner as all of the newer Nissan radiator hoses, heater hoses and aftermarket hoses all sold as well by other vendors. Gee, guess the design is really good then!
There is no pressure in this hose, but the rubber used is designated for oil resistance and the inner cloth offers additional strenth. Far superior to Nissan original where external cloth webbing became so dry that it would make a crunching sound when squeezed AND LEAK OIL EVERYWHERE.Squeeze yours! Nissan originals don't carry the lifetime warranty.Note: Fitting in picture is no longer provided

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Books and Literature
Partnumber: 1791
Mikuni Carburetor Manual-NEW JAPAN (G/L/M)

This is a original, real deal, Mikuni Car Manual publication.OUT OF PRODUCTION
Yes we still have half a box left.
Get the original today. Not a Xerox copy.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1808
Datsun Roadster 68 Solex Choke Cable Assembly - Old Style NISSAN & AFTERMARKET USA(G/R/R)

68 Solex carburetor choke cable assembly with correct knob and bezel.

NOTE:Cable comes with part# 1806 firewall grommet.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1809
Datsun roadster 69, 70 Solex Carburetor Choke Cable Assembly - Old Style NISSAN & AFTERMARKET USA(G/R/R)

69/70 Solex Choke cable assembly with correct knob and bezel.

NOTE:Cable comes with part# 1806 firewall grommet

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 1810
Datsun Roadster Solex Carburetor Choke Cable Assembly - New Style NISSAN(G/R/R)

Generic knob and bezel, new style, Solex choke cable assembly.

ORDER by Part# 1810G

NOTE:Cable comes with firewall grommet.

Restoration Products
Carburator Mikuni Solex
Engine Room Decals and Stickers
Partnumber: 2127
Datsun 40mm & 44mm Mikuni Sticker- Intermediate and late AFTERMARKET USA (G/E)

3 model numbers of Mikuni's carburetor designation for the Mikuni 40 & 44mm carburetors. Correct Foil sticker.
See top description in this section for manufacturing details.

Order by PART# 2127A11

Order by PART# 2127A15

Order by PART# 2127A24


Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2196
40mm and 44 mm Mikuni Carburator Diaphram OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

40mm and 44mm Mikuni and intermediate run Solex late style Carburetor diaphragms.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2197
Mikuni 44 mm late carburartor float chamber needle and seat 1.8 OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

Mikuni 44mm float chamber needle and seats 1.8.2 required.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2198
Solex and Mikuni Late 44mm Float Assembly OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

Datsun Roadster 44mm Late Sole/Mikuni Float assembly.2 required.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2328
Datsun Roadster 2000 44 Mikuni Jet Kit OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

This kit will correct the incorrect jets that Nissan Comp provide with the Solex carb conversion kit. Correct jetting for Datsun 2000 solex set up. Works great with Nissan Solex B cam. From top to bottom in photo: 4 pilot jets, top air corrector jets and 4 bottom main fuel jets.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2420
Mikuni Solex Throttle Shaft Seal - 8 OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

Throttle shaft seal set of 8. Does 2 carburetors.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2421
Solex Early Jet Cover Gaskets OEM JAPAN

Early Solex jet cover gaskets (2)

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2422
Mikuni/Solex Jet Cover Gaskets OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

Late Mikuni/Solex jet cover gasket (2)

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 2462
Datsun Mikiuni Top Plate A-11 Correct Gasket-Back In Stock

These top plate gaskets were the correct version supplied with the now, OUT OF PRODUCTION, Z70-1144 Datsun A-11 Mikuni carburetor gasket rebuild kit intended specifically for the carburetors made for Nissan/Datsun with the fuel inlet on the rear of each carburetor. If you recently purchased the Z70-1044 Mikuni kit you can add these correct gaskets on so they will work with the Datsun version of this fine carburetor.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2527
Gasket Kit for Mikuni 44 MM Caburetors - PAIR OEM JAPAN (R/R/R)

Later Z70-1044 Gasket Kit for Mikuni carburetors.For 44 mm Mikuni carburetors. Sealed and pristine in bubble wrap packaging.
$60.00 PR

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 2571
Datsun Roadster 2000 Water Pump & Front Solex Manifold Fitting REAR AFTERMARKET USA(G/L/M)

2000 water pump Solid Stainless steel 5/8 inch diameter water pump & manifold rear solex nipple.NOTE: These are not regular steel then plated that will rot from the inside out.
Ours are solid stainless and will virtually last the life time of the car
Will thread onto any Nissan water pump or rebuilt after market water pump replacing corroded original fittings. NOTE:The threads are the correct and proper threads and are not American pipe threads. 2 pieces are shown to see the detail. 1 piece is supplied for the price listed.

There is another aftermarket steel part with simple plating being sold for more money. We prefer ours as it is solid stainless steel. You will too.


Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2642
Datsun Mikuni 44mm Velocity Stacks (Set of 4) TWM Induction/Borla Performance

These have been in our catalog for 8 years.35mm in length velocity stacks RACE PART( set of 4). Short bell full radius design. Aluminum billet material NOT spun and not universal made specifically for the 44mm Mikuni/Solex carburetors with the correct diameter being 48mm at the air entry for uninterrupted air flow. Notice also how other brands have a bead at the airway that is solid and not hollow which is a cheaper way of manufcaturing.
Borla's bell design is inspired from the front aircraft jet engine intake nacelles designed to pull air through the radius thus smoothing out and improving air flow speed and velocity. With the roots of the design with TWM Induction in the 1990's these designs were actually air flow tested and then the design tuned for max air flow.When shopping for bell radius design air horns be sure to ask if air flow tests were performed during the design stage as most do not perform any testing
Allows 30mm of clearance when used with our ITG air filter kit for the Mikuni carburetors.05/31/18

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2645
Datsun Roadsater Early 44mm Solex Carbretor Top Plate Gasket-(Pair) OEM JAPAN (R/l/f)

Early style Solex 44mn carburetor top plate main body gaskets (Pair)

Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2692
Datsun Roadster Mikuni/Solex Insulator set W/Gaskets NISSAN & AFTERMARKET USA (R/L/F)

Datsun Roadster Mikuni/Solex Insulator set W/Gaskets. 4 - insulators with studs.

Stud spacing: 2 3/16 on one side & 3 1/4 the other side. Thickness 11/16. Includes 8 - a little larger than 1/16" gaskets. Thickness measures out to .071.
Carburator Mikuni Solex
Partnumber: 2853
Datsun Roadster U20 2000 Mikuni Solex ITG Air Cleaner & Velocity Stack Kit AFTERMARKET USA

Datsun Roadster U20 2000 Mikuni/Solex 44mm 4 barrel Carburetor ITG air cleaner and Borla velocity stack kit. Selling these for years.

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