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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. - Do you really have all this stuff in your web-site on hand or do you broker parts and have them drop shipped from other roadster parts houses?

A. - We never broker parts or use other peoples inventory for drop shipping. We do purchase for resale some items from other vendors, but these items are always on hand. 99.9 percent of the items you see in our web-site are on hand and in bountiful quantities. Items we may not have ready for shipment the same day would be RH drive carpet kits. From time to time items may be out of stock, but only for short periods.

Q. - I see pictures in your web-site of the products you sell. Will I be receiving this exact item or an after market part that may look completely different?

A. ? The photos of the items are samples pulled from our actual inventory and you will receive items from this inventory base.

Q. - I don?t have a credit card but, my brother in laws wife?s sister has one and she lives in another state. Can I use her credit card and can you ship the parts to me here in California?

A. ? No. By agreement with the credit card companies we can only ship to the billing address of the credit card holder. We can lose our ability to take credit cards if we go against this signed agreement. Amazon does this all the time. We are not Amazon and can not take on this kind of risk.

Q. - My dad?s friend has a vacuum cleaning business and he scribbled his resale number on this piece of paper. Can you save me the California sales tax on parts for my car?

A. - Absolutely not. Resale certificates are for businesses involved in re-selling similar product as the items being purchased and are never used for personal purchases. Unless those vacuum cleaners take a Datsun roadster fuel pump I?d say you are out of luck.

Q. - When will my order ship?

A. - Same day or within 1 week of the order. Orders that are processed and paid for by credit card go into the queue for shipment. This holds your place in line with other orders to be shipped. After you have ordered please don?t poke around looking for the same parts for a $1.00 cheaper elsewhere. Exhaust your efforts to find what you are looking for then place the order with us. The paperwork here is bad enough. A cancelled order after the credit card is processed constitutes a 10% re-stock fee, even if the order was not shipped, as the original credit card fees are not refunded to us when a refund is made to you and we have most likely re-ordered the items on your order. If you catch us for cancellation the same day, BEFORE 3:00 pm Pacific time, then the order can be voided before the credit card batch is settled. Credit cards that decline put you to the end of the line as paid sales receipts get the priority. If you are making an order, please make sure there is enough room on the card especially if you are purchasing a high dollar kit.

Your sales receipt will show the day or date we project your order will be shipped. You can find this information on the shipping line of the sales receipt. If no date is provided then the order was a same day shipment.

Q. - I?m going to win Solvang best of show this year. Can you get my order out today even though there are other people in front of me for shipment?

A. ? I?m glad you want to win. No. I won?t put you in front of other people who have projects that are just as important as yours even if you believe yours is more important.

Q. ? I?m up here in Valencia and I can?t make it down to pick up a carpet kit nor do I want to pay for the shipping. Can I give you my credit card on the phone and have my worker Julio come down and pick up the kit?

A. ? Not unless you can show Julio is a signer on your credit card account. Do you trust him enough to have him as a signer?

Q. ? I?m down from Canada and I want to pick up some parts on my way home. Can you not charge me tax because the parts are going directly to Canada via me taking them in my trunk?

A. ? No. The rule is and I don?t make the rule: If you are standing in my shop in California and purchasing in California you are required to pay the California sales tax.

Q. ? I have a bad Nissan squeegee that I bought from you over 3 years ago. I?ve spent thousands of dollars with you. Can I get another for free?

A. ? I?m sorry I can?t. I spent millions with Nissan over the years and they wouldn?t give me one for free either. I have to follow their warranty of 1 year from the sales date. I can offer you something better or a perhaps a discount on another new Nissan one. At any rate I do need a receipt for the item before I can do anything.

Q. - You are so hard to get a hold of. If you are so busy then why don?t you hire a crew of workers like Amazon to better handle the incoming orders?

A. - Would love to. To afford them I may have to increase my pricing on parts. Can I start with your order?

Q. - I?ve heard you are difficult to deal with?

A. - Difficult or good boundaries? I have to run this business efficiently, economically and as much as I?d like to run this business your way I can?t. Since 1988 our business has grown exponentially. I must be doing something right. I have had to create rules for myself to best be able to serve my customers. Good God! Can you imagine if I didn?t have any boundaries? I wouldn?t be able to get anything done. Many of these rules were suggested by customers and through the direct experience with my customers. You may want to read the customer comments link to get an idea of how satisfied our customer base is. Please allow me to do my best in being as available and responsible to you as I possibly can.

Q. - I have trouble using your web-site. Can you look up all the part numbers I need?

A. ? Of course I can as time permits. It may require me to call you back after hours. Remember, for every person that calls, that does not have the part numbers, there are 5 others that do and they go into the queue for shipment right away. I prefer that you at least make the attempt to find the items you are looking for. Then I can review what you have found and help you. I?ve spent thousands of hours working on this web-site to make it easier and informative by adding items, changing descriptions, creating new, more specific categories, photographing product and hyper linking parts. I?ve done this all for you. Some vendors charge more money for the parts if you don?t have the numbers ready when ordering. I do not. I do not consider myself a lazy person and I do deeply appreciate the effort you make to navigate the web-site prior to ordering.

Q. - I put the new brake master on that I got from you and I discovered what I really needed was some new calipers. Can I return it?

A. - I?m so sorry. I know how expensive this stuff is, but I can not take back a part that is now considered used. It would be un-ethical.

Q. - Hi. I bought some calipers from another roadster parts house and I can?t seem to get a hold of him to ask him some assembly questions. Can you help me by telling me how they are supposed to go on my car?

A. - I can not advise you on how to install an item on your car that you purchased from someone else. Roadster parts houses don?t generally share with each other what part numbers they use or what manufacturers they purchase from. I don?t know what they are selling especially if no manufacturer part number was supplied. I could be liable if I made a suggestion that caused failure or death. One thing that I believe is good customer service is to make myself available to discuss the parts that I sell. This vendor has a responsibility to help you with your questions and advise you. You need to get a hold of him.

Q. - I just received my shipment and my receipt is folded over and taped to the outside of the box. I went to pull it off and it tore. Can I have another?

A. - That is not your receipt. It is just our way of identifying your box during the processing of your shipment. Your receipt is inside your box with your order.

Q. - I just received my 4 boxes containing the items I ordered but I can?t find my receipt?

A. - Your receipt is in box 1 of 4. By the way, all multiple shipment boxes are marked in red 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, etc. On the outside of the box you will see a yellow sticker that says "INVOICE ENCLOSED" on this 1st box. Sometimes during multiple shipments the lead box, Box 1, can show up a day or 2 late even though it was shipped at the same time as the other boxes. Please either wait for box 1 to show or make a note of the contents of each of the other boxes that you can match against the invoice from box 1 when it shows up. The invoice will have each item listed on a separate line and in the ?Box#? column will be the number of the box that item is in.

Q. - I live in Canada and I want to avoid the Vat, duty, taxes and UPS broker?s fee. Can you ship to a Sumas, Washington Post and Pack store?

A. ? Do you trust this store with your order? Can I trust them? Since they did not spend the money for your parts do they care about your shipments safety? Are they really responsible if anything is lost or stolen? Who is then responsible if your box has been breached or parts are missing and lost?

Q. - I want only genuine Nissan parts on my car in the Nissan bag or box. No after market parts. Genuine parts are better aren?t they?

A. - Yes we do have genuine parts in the Nissan box and after market OEM to Nissan parts. You do have to understand that Nissan never manufactured any parts. They have parts manufactured by sub-manufacturers they select to make parts for them to their specification. These sub-manufacturers sometimes have exclusivity agreements with Nissan. Often these agreements have time frames that eventually expire thus freeing the OEM part to be offered on the secondary market. There has been some hog wash that these items being offered are seconds or defective. I can tell you that I have had numerous interactions with executives from these companies that supply Nissan with parts and all I can say is that Japanese pride is in tact and that they would never, ever offer a bad brake part or defective item.

When Nissan asks some of these companies for a part and are given the specifications, the sub- manufacturer often is left to design the functioning element of the part based on their manufacturing knowledge. This part is not altered or a design change made when it becomes available in a plain wrap box. If the Nissan bag is so important to you then pay more for the item, we have it, and hang the bag on you car at the roadster meet.

Q. - I don?t want any Taiwan or Chinese junk parts on my car. Do you sell any?

A. - Some limited amount. I also sell some parts for a "tin can Jap sports car made in the 60?s". Sound familiar? This kind of prejudice cuts me to the core. This is exactly how the whole world viewed the Japanese car market including and especially good old US boys. You want your car to be valued as a classic? Perhaps it?s time to let go of the same kind of prejudice that was perpetrated on the Japanese when they made in roads to the US market in the 60?s and 70?s.

Moss Motors has a whole line of Taiwanese replica parts that are of excellent quality.

If you want reasonably priced parts and I know that you want the stuff affordable, then you will have to at some point, as Nissan parts run out, try some of these excellent reproduction parts. You can buy junk parts all over the world, even here in the USA. Yes that?s right the good ol USA. It?s all about selecting the right manufacture. Hey, did you know that Nissan is manufacturing cars in China and that they have lights and assemblies made in Korea and Taiwan. Nuff said. I think I made my point.

Q. - How do I know that the after market parts I will be buying are of good quality and will you tell me the supplier?

A. - I?ve worked too hard to share supplier?s names, so I won?t. Often though their name is right on the oil seal. Not so with other items. I?ll give the shortest / longest answer I have here. Long ago, when I originally started, I obtained a business license. This allowed me to move below the retail parts store and or jobber level during my purchasing; which allowed me to have a wholesale account directly with automotive distributors. Distributors such as Lazorlite and their parent company Western Automotive Warehouse Distributors and Impac now World Pac; which allowed me to eventually connect and meet their buyers and forge friendships; which, with time and patience, allowed me to meet a selected few of their premium overseas vendors both for the OEM and the after market when these distributors discontinued the older Datsun numbers from their inventories. You see at this wholesale level I didn?t have to go through a lot of bad vendors as these giants, with their experienced buyers, had already weeded out who to use and who not to use in the world of the after market. Buyers like Kevin Joy now retired in San Diego and Mike at Lazorlite and Barney at WAWD. So I was and am very fortunate to have this kind of luck, all because I decided to obtain a business license. Who would have known it was that easy?