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Restoration Products
Handles and Latches
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 1298
Datsun Roadster 68/69 Door Handle Roll Up Inserts - Pair AFTER MARKET USA

68-69 Door Handle Window Winder Inserts
68 - 69 Economical Door Handle Window Winder Plastic Inserts. Sold in Pairs. These little buggers have a tendency to disappear off the car. New handles come with new plastic inserts. A great new alternative!! NOTE: These are the later style inserts with the split pins for locating on the back not the earlier metal tab variant.

Pins are molded on the back side for press fitting into the door handle roll up. Be careful not to break the pins when removing the plastic finisher to service the door. If they do break you can silicon the finishers back in place.

Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 1300
Datsun Roadster / Fairlady & 411 63 - 67 1/2 Door Escutcheon set of 4 pieces AFTER MARKET USA

63 - 67 1/2 Door Window Winder escutcheons. 4 pieces. 2 large and 2 small. Correct injection molded pieces made of UV resistant plastic. Correct detail(SEE PHOTO)reverse angle back side of escutcheons. Small escutcheons have radius-ed edge, on one side, for the rotating door handles. Click here, to view the escutcheon kit with springs.


Handles and Latches
Interior Trim
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 1305
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Upper Door Pull Inserts

68 - 70 Door Opener Plastic Inserts
Left & Right, sold as a pair.

Never ever available before as separate pieces!

These original looking, injection molded, inserts really finish off the restoration. Don't hold back and miss the details of your restoration and settle for "sub par fix it's" and band aids!

Metal door handle receptacle shown for assembly reference only and is not included.

Back side view shown in first photo. There were different versions of this plastic insert. The one we have is the most common and adaptable version.

Original assembly of these required the pin to be peened over to fasten it to the door opener.
((Part is thin. Careful not to crush the lower edge. Hook in one side 1st. Use clear silicon to hold in place from edge to edge))

$33.00 PR

Handles and Latches
Exterior Trim
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 1310
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Exterior Door Handle Weatherstrip - SET


63 - 67 1/2 New Door Handle Weatherstrip Kit (set of 4)

Why crack or scratch your new paint job when you're assembling your 63 - 67 1/2 door handles back on your Fairlady or your Datsun Roadster? Want to really dress up your restoration so it is totally ORIGINAL??!! Made of weather and smog resistant Santoprene and slightly thicker than original.


Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 1322
Datsun Roadster Emergency Brake Handle & Button 67 1/2 - 70 AFTER MARKET REPLICA USA

Emergency Brake Handle

Replace your emergency brake handle that is missing in action or just plain worn out or cracked. Easy assembly on your e brake handle. Just index inside tab on handle to slot on E-brake arm, clear silicone to set and you are done! New UV additives will keep this handle from dulling like the ones Nissan supplied through the years. This great addition will dress up the ol' E-brake to finish off your restoration! Mounts easily. Use a sparing amount of clear silicone to assemble to the e brake handle.

Add a E brake threaded handle button to your handle replacement. Add $19.00 to $34.00 if you want to add it on. Order by PART# 1322B NOW BACK IN STOCK. Rod shown for reference.

Handles and Latches
Interior Trim
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 1334
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Ashtray Handle

Late Year Ashtray Handle

When your at the roadster meet "Show and Shine" are you tired of people pointing to your late year ashtray handle and the characteristic chip at the corner that always seems to be on every car ? Why not upgrade it with our newly tooled durable compound replacement? Won't crack or chip like the original and it's a dead ringer faithful reproduction. The unworn one on the right is obviously our repro....... ENJOY!!


Restoration Products
Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 1345
Datsun Roadster, Fairlady 63 - 67 Black Plastic Version &
320 Pick up truck Gray Plastic version
Replacement Inside Door Handle Roll Up Knob

63 - 67 replacement door handle roll up knob. (Handles not included. Shown for assembly reference only)
Hard plastic injection molded knob with internal knurled steel insert inside the plastic. Includes wave washer, flat washer, set screw and small bottle of Loc-tite
Many factory original knobs would fall off their handles because of the following questionable attachment. The original knob had a brass insert that had a swedge, variant spelling of swage, over the end of the shaft in attempt to secure the knob to the handle. Worked ok if they got the swedge right.
The original plating on the handle was not great so when re-chroming it becomes necessary to remove the knob by drilling off the swedge. After doing this there is not enough shaft left, even when attempting to install a screw, to allow the knob to rotate properly. This new alternative is much cheaper than buying a NOS handle and will last longer than the factory knob and is completely removable.

To order a Pair Order by PART# 1345PR $54.70

To order the 320 Pick up knob, sold only in pairs, in Gray plastic
Order by PART# 1345 GRAYPR $48.00

Restoration Products
Customer Rewards Program
Handles and Latches
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 1438
Datsun Roadster 68/69 Door Handle Roll Up COMPLETE ASSEMBLY AFTER MARKET USA

$120.00REW 68/69 Inside door handle roll up w/knob & plastic insert KNOB WON'T COME OFF LIKE NISSAN COMPLETE ASSEMBLY Order by PART#1438A

Click here, to order just the plastic inserts for door roll ups.

If you already have a handle without the knob and would like a replacement knob then click here, to view this part.

Comes with a single set screw for the handle.
$130.00 EA

Handles and Latches
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 1439
Datsun Roadster/510/240Z Door Handle NISSAN

1970 Inside door handle roll-up. This handle can be used in place of the 68/69 original door handles, on those year cars, that install requiring a screw to fasten the handle. It requires careful removal of the plastic insert and drilling a hole with a chamfer for the set screw to pass through to fasten to the threaded hole in the regulator.

Handles and Latches
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 1440
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 LH Outside Door Handle - NISSAN

68 - 70 LH Outside door handle.(Beware of replicas that do not fit!!!)

Handles and Latches
Exterior Trim
Partnumber: 1441
Datsun Roadster 68 -70 RH Outside Door Handle - NISSAN

68 - 70 RH Outside door handle.(Beware of replicas that do not fit at all!!!)

Handles and Latches
Interior Trim
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 1444
Datsun Kick Plate Handle 63 - 70 AFTER MARKET USA

Inside lower door kick plate handle. 63 - 671/2. Can use for 68 - 70 cars instead of the plastic handle. Save when you purchase a pair.10/32 bolts required to attach

To order only one.Order by PART#1444B $65.00 each.
$129.00 pr

Body parts
Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 1921
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Door Glass Limiter/stopper door window - PAIR USA

Carbon fiber composite door glass limiter. The height of your door glass is set and adjustable by using this piece which is mounted in line with the channel in the door. Usually missing, cracked or over cranked and split after years of abuse. You may or may not need these. Nice strong replacement for the originals.
$23.09 PR

Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2073
65 - 67 Stainless Door Vent Window Handles & 67 1/2 Door Vent Window Handles LH and RH In Pairs or Individual sides

67 1/2 Vent window handles. Non Stainless US version are powder coated, in a non-glare close to original silver. Handles have the solid cast beam for greater strength. (See reverse angle of handles)Instead of the beam being hollow, like the 65-67 ORIGINAL NISSAN handles that often broke.
Casting has a 923L and 923R cast into the part in this area which appears upside down in the 2nd photo. This is how you can tell the difference on your car if the handles have ever been switched. These are not original to 65 - 67 cars as the die was different. The 67 1/2 handles will install and work just fine on early 65 - 67 cars. However 67 1/2 handles, as stated before, were painted. You can chrome these handles to get a more original look for early cars. To order a pair of the painted ones:
Order by PART# 2073 $90.00

The left or right painted ones can be ordered separately.

Order LH by PART# 2073LH$60.00

Order RH by PART# 2073RH$60.00

Instead of going through all the trouble of chroming the painted ones we now offer the "Sin City" new 304 stainless steel early style handles sold only as a pair 4th Photo
Even though they are open beam the stainless steel is much stronger than the originals.
Order by PART# 2073STAINLESSPR $125.00
Knurled pins are include with both style handles.
Be careful not to lose them as each handle is supplied with only one. I made up a instruction sheet, not that they really need one, but there are some tips concerning the assembly.

Handles and Latches
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 2098
Datsun Roadster / Fairlady & 411 Escutcheon Spring AFTER MARKET USA

Escutcheon spring for door lock flipper handles 63 - 67 and all door roll-up handles 63 - 67 1/2 cars. Spring spaces out inner small escutcheon so it contacts the handle.
$26.50 PR

Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2100
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Escutcheon Spring Kit AFTER MARKET USA

Escutcheon spring kit. Fits 63 - 67 1/2 Door roll-up handles or door opener flipper handles. Click here, escutcheons only. Click here, for the door roll-ups. Click here, for the door handle lock/opener flippers.

Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2101
Datsun Roadster / Fairlady & 411 Door Flipper Handle Escutcheon and Spring Kit

63 - 67 Door lock/opener flipper handle escutcheon, spring and handle clip kit. Click here, for spring only. Click here, for Escutcheon and springs only. Click here, for escutcheons only.

Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2121
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 1500 Door & Flipper Retaining ClipsAFTER MARKET REPLICA USA

Door handle and early door lock flipper retaining clips.
$6.55 PR

Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2200
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 & 510 Kick Plate Handle AFTER MARKET REPLICA USA

68 - 70 plastic kick plate handle. Early versions of this handle would easily break.

This newer run will not break and carries a lifetime warranty. Will other vendors warranty the handles they sell for life?Available only through Inc.
Each handle comes with 2 bolt covers that snap onto the Phillips head attachment screws. (SEE PHOTOS)
$28.00 EA

Handles and Latches
Restoration Products
Partnumber: 2319
Datsun Roadster 68 / 69 Replacement Door Handle Roll Up Knob AFTER MARKET REPLICA USA

New style replacement knob for 68 & 69 door handle roll up. The original knob that Nissan provided with the door handle would often come off the chrome handle. The original shaft on the knob was peened over after being assembled into the handle. Through years of use, the peen would break and the knob would come off. Another problem was the method of attachment of the rubber portion of the knob to the metal shaft that would extend through the handle. The inner contact area of the shaft was secured to knob via the molding process onto the knurled area.The old knobs would often pop off the knurled area leaving just the insert attached to the handle.The new style insert that we are receiving with the new style knobs and complete assemblies have a secondary wall, to encapsulate the rubber, thus keeping the rubber knob in place.

If you have your original handle and wish to simply put on a new knob that won't break off then this is a deal for you.

Knob comes with new curved disc tension washer, set screw and Loc Tite to hold machine screw in place. If you would like the entire complete assembly with the newer style knob then click here, to view this part.
NOTE EXCLUSIVE: We are the only vendor currently receiving the complete handle with the new style knob.
$47.00 EA

Handles and Latches
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 2327
Datsun Roadster/ Fairlady & 411 63 - 67 Escutcheon - (SET OF 8)

63 - 67 Door escutcheon set. 4 large and 4 small rings. Correct injection molded pieces, not machined, made of UV resistant plastic. Correct detail(SEE PHOTO)reverse angle back side of escutcheons. Small escutcheons have the correct radius edge, on one side, for the rotating door handles.
$92.00 SET

Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2485
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 & 510 Door Kick Plate Handle Screw Covers AFTER MARKET REPLICA USA

Plastic door kick plate handle screw hole covers. Are you missing the Phillips head screw hole covers? They often fall out and disappear. These injection molded replacements, that snap into the plastic kick handle holes, will keep your screws covered and win you extra points at the meet! 1 pair does one handle.

To purchase the entire handle with the covers click here, to view.
$14.00 PR

Soft Tops
Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2825
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2
304 Stainless Soft Top Clips PAIR

Gorgeous 304 stainless steel reproduction soft top clips of the sturdy & safe 67 1/2 design. Picture does not do them justice.
Completely compatible with the early models. Far safer than the early, wire loop, design which had the latch arm, when fastened, ready to impale your skull in an accident, especially if you didn't upgrade your seat belts to the later shoulder harness set.
2 latches and 2 receivers. Price is for a pair.

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