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Shipping Information

New shipping schedule: Daily, Monday through Friday. We now ship on a daily basis. Some days the order volume is too great and we require an extra day. Large and oversize packages which require special packaging require 2-3 days lead time.Japan, Australia and European orders: Please allow 1 week lead time to quote shipping options, properly prepare custom paperwork and careful and thoughtful packaging for the long trip.

Please email us with your email address at the time of shipment, even if you ordered by phone, and we will copy and paste into the UPS order form. We will not take your email by phone. UPS will contact you with the shipping information.

Fed ex and UPS require a signature on packages over $500.00 without exception. We can not change their policy so please do not ask. We send ALL packages under $500.00 signature required as well because of the high level of theft with packages left at the premise without a signature. If you request that your order be sent without signature required that is under $500.00 and Fed ex or UPS  leave the package at your door, bushes, back door etc and it is stolen they will NOT pay for the claim even if you purchased insurance. In this instance the insurance ONLY covers the package if it is lost in their system or the items are damaged upon arrival. If you choose this option and the package is stolen you will have to re-order all the parts at your own expense NO exceptions. We will not be able to help you in replacing the stolen items at our expense
As all customers are informed on our main home page concerning reading our policies first before ordering we consider our policies in regards to these matters completely communicated, clear and disclosed.
Fed ex and UPS make 3 attempted deliveries after which the package is returned to us freight collect. If you place an order and intend on going on a trip it would be advisable to have someone present at your shipping address to sign for the package or to ask us to hold off sending your package at the time of ordering until you get back.
Please understand that your package goes into the queue with numerous orders and will most likely not go out the same day. Any questions or priorities in and around delivery should be asked, by you, at the time of shipment. Items returned will be resent with a new shipping charge and the return freight that we are charged by the carrier.
If you cancel a returned order and do not want it shipped again there is a 30% restock fee on the parts plus the returned freight charges.
We only drop ship to your office or work where you are identified as an employee or owner. You must fill out the drop ship disclaimer at the time of ordering. If you leave the business you are working for you must inform us in writing by email. We will not be responsible for packages sent to an old employer's address that are reported as lost.
We NEVER drop ship to mechanics ever!

Payment Information

We accept all major credit cards, Bank wire transfer and Postal Money orders for payment. We do not accept Pay Pal. NO COD shipments.

Back Orders

We will be more than happy to back order an item that is out of stock. It will be at your request to ask for the item to be back ordered. At the time of your request we generate a ?Back order document?. This guarantees you will be in the queue, with others, to receive the item when it returns to our inventory and that when the item is back in stock and is released from back order, your credit card will be charged and the item sent to you. This is all at your own request. If no request for back order is made then you can call back at anytime to check the stocking status with us. We do not charge your credit card for an item that is out of stock and on back order. Some back orders are 2 weeks others are 5 weeks or even 3 months. At the time the item arrives, the back order document is released, a sales receipt is generated, your credit card is charged and the item you requested is sent to you. IMPORTANT: If you have found this item from another vendor, during the back order period, you need to call us immediately and cancel the "Back order document" to avoid being charged and sent an item you already have obtained. Canceling the back order is courteous to those that are also in the queue for the same item and will save you the grief of having to send back the item at your own expense and a 20% re-stock fee.

International Ordering

International orders require more paperwork. Quotes are good for 1 week. That's just a fact of shipping things overseas. Make sure you read all of the instructions on this page, and in addition, please view this example document and use it as an example of the information we need to ship parts overseas.

All international orders that are handled by our carriers UPS, FedEx International & DB Schenker are processed through their brokerage houses. A percentage of the line items and or amount of the total invoice are charged to you, the recipient, as a brokerage fee. Taxes and import duties are also charged. We do mark the all the invoices and paperwork as 45 year old classic auto parts which does give you a enormous break on the duty and taxes.

Before ordering you may want to check with these shipping companies in your country to get an approximation of what these charges will be. We are NOT responsible for the carriers broker fees or your countries duty and taxes. They are what they are. We unfortunately can not use the post office for any shipping to other countries. The reason for this is that the post office will not settle a claim for a lost package for a period of 6 months from the ship date. During which time they research and perhaps find the package and finally deliver it. It creates an uncomfortable problem of having to replace the items to you during this time and then having to retrieve the original shipment back from you if it finally shows up. I know some people have had good luck with the post office, we have not. The problem just has to happen one time and it becomes a nightmare. We had this exact situation happen to a soft top we sent to Australia that finally showed up after we replaced the item and since the return freight was half the cost of the top, the top, was auctioned off for nothing by the Australian club. Thanks guys!

One more note concerning the post office. We shipped an item that became damaged in transit to a customer. As the shipper we filed a claim and the post office refunded the customer not us the shipper, who paid for the insurance. This kind of insanity is probably why the post office will be closing 3700 branches this year.

If you have any questions about international orders, please contact us by email.

Email and Phone Inquiries Domestic & International

Email & phone inquiries are fine by us. We welcome and invite them; however, we no longer accept any orders through these venues. These venues are for technical support concerning the parts WE sell and questions concerning parts or an order that is about to be placed or an open order you have already placed.

To place an order, please use the SECURE ORDER FORM located on the left-hand navigation bar toward the top of the home page. This method ensures security of your information and when your order is placed a copy is sent to you by email less the credit card information. NO PAYPAL is accepted unless we make a request. If you have made a mistake on a part number or quantity, on the secure order form and have realized the error after sending the form you can send us an email with the correction. If you have made numerous mistakes then I will ask you to redo the order form and send a new one. Forms sent with the wrong address or credit card number MUST be redone by sending a new form. All prices are current in the web-site so you can arrive at a sub-total. Shipping costs are not disclosed on the form. From time to time, when an item is out of stock, it will not show up in your order, but it will be referenced on the sales receipt as a, uncharged, back order. When the item is back in stock, we will contact you and you have the option of declining the back order or accepting it. Back orders always require a shipping cost added to it that you will have to pay. Do not use old emails, from prior correspondence, to ask new questions. It creates confusion.

International orders, except Canada, are they only orders we accept by email. An international customer can use the secure order form, but we cannot accept credit cards for these orders, ONLY a bank wire transfer for payment. When the parts and freight have been totaled and the full amount that was requested by you for payment is given, the order is locked in. You can add small items, but no large items. Large items require the entire order to be re-quoted as many times a new box with different dimensions are required for the additional items rendering a shipping different rate. A new quote will remove you from being in the current queue for shipments and can possibly put you to the end of the line which could delay your shipment up to 2 weeks.

If you are happy with the quote, we have given you and have decided to commit to going ahead with payment for the order and you have requested bank wire information from us, you need to know that after our bank information is sent to you, this obligates you to purchasing and going through with your order. At the time the information is sent, your parts are pulled from inventory and boxed up for shipment, which can take up a lot of space in the warehouse. Customs forms are filled out and the items from your order are re-ordered with our vendors. Please be very, very sure you want to do the order. A 20 % re-stock fee applies if you decide to change your mind and not follow through with payment. Until the re-stock fee is paid you may not be able to purchase any parts from us in the future. We take handling your order very seriously. We ask you to be serious about following through with your own intentions to buy parts from us and when you ask us for sensitive bank information.


Ordering Information Inc.
18735 Bryant Street
Northridge, CA 91324

Phone: 818-363-2015
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 10am-3pm Pacific time.

As business increases so do the demands for stock, inventory replacement, manufacturing and the processing of orders. It is next to impossible, under the current work load, to answer the phone and still be able to do all these things properly. We have reduced the phone hours to help us effectively keep up with the current demand, which has quadrupled since this last writing, and still be able to functionally deliver product in a timely manner. Many customers have mentioned that it is hard to get through as the two phone lines are continually busy. If this occurs please email us with your order and we will email or call you back as soon as possible whichever you prefer. When you call after hours be assured that we're not out playing Golf. We are working late to keep Datsun Parts a reliable and plentiful supplier. Our evenings generally end at 7:00PM. Thank you for understanding!

Note: we're not always in the shop. Visiting the shop location is by appointment only. Please be considerate and call for an appointment!

All returned items (including cores) should be shipped UPS or FEDEX.DO NOT SHIP USPS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. YOUR ITEMS WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SHIPPING COSTS. ALL packages require a Return Authorization number - call us to get your RA number, and make sure to write it on the outside of the packaging. Packages without an RA number on the box will be refused.

We accept the following charge cards:
Carte Blanche, Diners Club, Japan's Credit Card (JCB), American Express, Visa/MasterCard, Discover.

UPS & FedEx Shipped Packages Fees And Rates

UPS & FEDX REGULAR GROUND shipping and AIR shipping rates have sky rocketed in the past few years. Besides the normal oversize rates and insurance charges there are some new fuel service charges and extended delivery area surcharges. An address correction fee of $10.00 has been added as well.

Please try to avoid using your cell phone to place a order as address numbers, street name etc. are sometimes difficult to understand over the cell air waves. If you do use your cell phone you may face a $10.00 address correction fee on your credit card bill. Take note that we always repeat the address with 1st time clients.

If you have a change of address please let us know as soon as it occurs even if you are not planning to order anything.. Our UPS & FEDX online address book will have the last known address for you from your last order. If you do not remind of us of an address change at the time of order then the package will go to the wrong address and come back to us. You will be responsible for the original freight, return freight plus the new freight amount to get the package to your new/correct address.

If you want us to drop ship to an address that is different than the billing address of the credit card we will do so at your request. We will only accept instructions from an email that has your name in the address. Example: John Zerk ordering / The following information must be provided prior to shipping and must be complete as outlined in the following NO exceptions: Full name on the card. Billing address of the credit card. Phone number. Your credit card number. 3 digit security code. Expiration date. Drop ship name, shipping address and phone number. Verbiage in the email: "I authorize Datsun parts to drop ship to the alternate address listed in this email. I understand that I am solely responsible for any problems that may occur with the individual receiving my order". We will not drop ship any products unless this format is followed to the letter. Any product shipped to mechanics will be considered shipped complete. Items reported as missing by mechanics will NOT be replaced under ANY circumstances.

From time to time we have made mistakes on freight amounts and have been back billed for freight charges by UPS & FEDX for a greater amount that was charged on the invoice. In these cases we will supply the billing document to you with the additional charge that was made to your credit card. We appreciate your understanding in this matter the same way we would be considerate and refund money to you for a part that was incorrectly priced on a invoice or if a invoice was added incorrectly resulting in a extra charge to you.

All packages carry a handling fee to cover the costs of materials used for shipping. These include, boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, fragile stickers, printer cartridges, reams of printer paper. We spend $4700.00 each year on shipping supplies. You will notice that all our packages are PROFESSIONALLY PACKED and are shipped in new U-LlNE boxes. We don't re-use old boxes from the grocery store. Large packages require extra care and work prior to shipping and have additional charges added to them. International orders carry a $30.00 handling fee.

FedEx & UPS Damaged Packages

Damaged, missing or lost parts? If a package is damaged by UPS we will replace the items that were lost or damaged. The following procedure will expedite replacing the parts you need:
  1. Do not throw away the damaged box or merchandise
  2. Call UPS immediately at 1-800-PICK-UPS. You must initiate the claim so a time and location can be arranged for inspection by a UPS representative.
  3. A claim number must be issued to us before any parts are replaced. UPS is usually prompt in issuing a number
  4. Do not give anything to UPS without receiving a receipt.
  5. If you need the missing or damaged parts sooner than a claim number can be issued you must re-purchase them. When the claim number is given to us, we will refund the purchase of those items.

Core Charges

As Nissan discontinues new parts, it will become necessary to charge a core charge even on new part purchases as we are not able to get replacement parts. This enables us to secure future availability of these items. Core charges are priced to ensure that the parts will be returned. All refunds for returned items and core returns will be processed and refunded the 1st of the month. Cores are due back to us within 30 days after receiving the parts. After 30 days, the core value will be held as credit. At 60 days, no core value will be refunded or credited. The core will be returned to you on your next order.

Do not send back cores filled with grease, oil, or that are filled or wet with gasoline. A deduction in core value will be assessed if ANY cores are sent back in this condition. The cores do not have to be completely pristine or washed ..just not a horrible dripping mess. Cores disassembled, incomplete or missing parts will have all core value waved and no refund will be given. Alternators, steering boxes etc. any core parts that are returned to us rusted solid or appear to have been stored in the freight hold of the SS Titanic will have all value waved and no refund will be given. Bad, non-rebuildable cores will be returned to the consumer. The consumer is responsible for ground UPS freight charges in order for us to send the part back.

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